Cayo Guillermo

Flat water & brand new North equipment

Perfect conditionsCayo Guillermo

Der Kitestrand

climate data Cayo Guillermo / Cuba

Month Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Planing wind 80 79 76 78 82 86
Temperature 27,5 26,2 25,3 25,5 26,5 28
Rain 10 8 3 5 4 5

Planing wind: Opportunity for 4 Bft. and more during the day (in %)
Temperature: daily maximum temperature (temperature = afternoon) (in °C)
Rain: number of days on which rain falls (usually brief showers or thunderstorms)

Our Kite Surf Station is located directly on the Beach of your Hotel at Sol Cayo Guillermos. Roland and his Team is providing excellent service and a large variety of equipment from North. For your safety a boat or jetski is ready for emergencies at all times.

November to April.Dr. Sachweh in munich has created a wind appraisal of Cayo Guillermo for us. The wind direction is side-on-shore from the right and blows 80% of the season with 11-15 knts or more.

kite area
In Cayo Guillermo you will find a large shallow water area right next to a up to 1.5 meter wave – the perfect spot for all levels. Ask our on-site team if you are interested in booking a 8km downwinder featuring knee to hip deep water all the way down.Hotel Sol Guillermo offers perfect accommodations for kite surfers with only a few feet from “bed to board”. There is plenty of space in either the hotel yard or on the beach for you to set up.

Pro Center Cayo Guillermo

KITE PRICES advance booking rates, on-site prices are +20%, excl. lessons

Beginner course 9 hours incl. equipment330 €

Beginner course 12 hours incl. equipment445 €

Refresher Course (3 hours incl. equipment)160 €

Advanced Course (6 hours incl. equipment)290 €

Private lesson (1 hour incl. material)70 €

1 week Kite & Board Rental (North Kiteboarding)330 €

11 days Kite & Board Rental (North Kiteboarding)475 €

2 weeks Kite & Board Rental (North Kiteboarding)495 €

Beach use, Storage, Service and Security 10/day (Transportation 30/day)
(+ Transport 30 €)
10 €

VDWS Safety Tool Watersport-insurance
Comprehensive cover for rental equipment, liability up 2 mio. year accident protection. completely 39 €.

Detailed info and booking at